Well it is definite now… I am going back into Coronation St.  Start fiming on Friday. I am to have a new wife though!

3 thoughts on “CORONATION STREET

  1. Dennis O'Connor

    Hi Frank this is a real blast from the past, Annamoe Terrace in fact, love watching you keep up the good work. Next time you are over seeing Tony Temple ( I see him every Sat. in Hanlons ) I would love to see you.

  2. Frank Post author

    Hello there,
    Thank you for commenting. Did we ever meet? Dear old Lindsay was a great man. Thanks for emailing me.

  3. Matt Davison

    Haloo Frank! I was just going through some very olde correspondence and came across a long letter from Lindsay Anderson. He had just directed you in Hanmlet, at the Folgers Theatre in D.C., and had a feeling you were anxious to set down roots in L.A. He asked if I would look after you if indeed you did head to the coast. Naturally, I said that I would, but I never did hear from you. Guess you ‘changed up your mind’ as my infant son would’ve said. Anyway, looking at your site, I can see that you’ve had a full and highly successful career…and now a new wife. Who needed L.A. anyway? But if you’re ever out this way, please be in touch. We’d at least like to treat you and your wife to brunch at the lighthouse cafe in San Pedro. Hope this finds you well, and God bless. Matt

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