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AUDIENCE FEEDBACK for The He & The She of It”

“The He & The She of It” – A Portrait of James Joyce – Irish Cultural Centre (The)
David Bottomley (5/5)
This was a great opportunity to catch this very assured and wonderful one-man show introduction to Joyce and his work by the distinguished Irish actor, Frank Grimes. One-man shows are always a challenge but you knew you were in safe and experienced hands with the incredible precision and sheer enjoyment of the language and the characterisations brought to life with clarity and love. Heartwarming.

“The He & The She of It” – A Portrait of James Joyce – Irish Cultural Centre (The)

Denzil (5/5)
A truly great performance from Frank Grimes. He’s now really inspired me to give Finnegans Wake another try with a fresh view of the work. His speaking of the dead was truly outstanding.

Mimi (5/5)
What a lovely venue with lovely friendly staff, as ever.
This show was an undeniable tour de force, requiring the actor Frank Grimes to deliver a non-stop exposé of Joyce’s works. What verbal virtuosity! The actor drew on all of Joyce’s works, information about his life and relevant snippets about the difficulties with publishing some of the works, to give a rounded picture of the man. This was really a fitting tribute to the great writer in the 100th anniversary of “Ulysses.”

Peter (5/5)
Outstanding account of Joyce’s life and performances of extracts from his key works. Frank Grimes was a huge charismatic presence on the stage. His reading from The Dead was brilliant and he almost made Finnegans Wake accessible.
Lovely friendly venue which even boasted an art exhibition based on scenes from Ulysses.

John (4/5)
“…the he and the she of it” – a delightful gallopagious gibblegobblegabble through James Joyce, by and with that excellent actor, Frank Grimes. To celebrate, calibrate and lubricate the humdrumhundredbubble centenary of ULYSSES and almostnearly Bloomsday. At the Irish Cultural Centre, of course, di corsa, de cours, decor. Wonderful scenes from all the workingworks, most notablybabbly The Dead, Molly Bloom, and even the Wake. And Guinness. Yes, I said, Yes. ****