I’m a Grandad for the 4th Time!

(On Good Friday 2009 my son Andrew and his wife Elodie had a baby girl).

Beautiful girl
Without any name
We are happy you’re here
We’re so glad you came.

You make your Mum proud
With your gentle beauty
And as for your Father
Well he knows his duty.

You enrich us all
You bring us all joy
And we hope that you like
Your soft cuddly toy.

God bless you and guide you
And May you grow strong
You will have a name
Before very long.

Welcome to these times
Martha Mae Felicity Grimes.

1 thought on “I’m a Grandad for the 4th Time!

  1. Andrew

    A brilliant poem! (with two new lines)
    But there’s no hyphen in MMF Grimes
    No worries though, I’m sure she wont mind
    Though she’s brilliant at spelling, she’s very kind

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