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  1. Clive Lomax

    Hi Frank, I sat down to watch my favorite movie of all time “A Bridge too far” yesterday and decided to google some info on the movie today. I always loved the character you played in the movie, Major Fuller. I looked you up to find your as Irish as I am! Playing a British officer. Fantastic movie as I said, I’ve loved it since I was a child, it must have been great to work on it, the cast has to be the best ever assembled for a motion picture. All the Best. Clive.

  2. dr len martin

    Dear Mr Grimes as an eightyfivepointsix year old ex pom living in Nimbin Australia have just watched Alan Bennett’s Old Crowd. You were Fffffing fantastic. Superbly shifty and threatening – soent much of the time enjoying you as much as all those noisy self-centred upper crust pseuds. Great part mate – bugger all to say but huge stage presence.

  3. Bryan Hewitt

    Hi Mr Grimes ,my name is Bryan Hewitt from Herts UK, Having watched and enjoyed your performance many times in The Whales of August I thought I would write and tell you about a little miracle which happened to me last weekend….I spent the night with a friend in the house at “Pitkin Point” on Cliff Island, off Casco Bay, Portland, Maine at the generous invitation of Mrs Carolyn Lockwood -Pitkin (now 89) , who owns the property…I have loved the film for about 20 years and last year I wrote to whom it may concern who owned Pitkin Point and asked if I might visit the house as I was on a road -trip with my mate and could we take some pictures up close to the fabulous old house? I didn’t even have a zip code? six days later Carolyn emailed me from her home in Vermont saying that I was welcome to visit the house , and giving the ok to her friend and resident of the property to allow us in to see the interior and take some pictures! . This we did and the house is still so very like it was when you shot your excellent scenes in it ..Last August there was a special celebration for the 25th anniversary of the movie , the house was opened for visitors to see and some of the smaller part actors returned to make the event special , (perhaps you were among them?), and the producer Mike Kaplan returned and charmed everyone with his general niceness…..
    We had lobster dinner with Carolyn and her family around the table that Lilian Gish , Vincent Price and Bette Davis had the herring dinner at , and we slept in Lilian Gish’s bedroom , the one she played the scene with the telegram informing her of her husband’s death in WW1…
    Carolyn and her family were extremely kind and welcoming and when we said our goodbyes in the morning Carolyn made a wonderful gift to me off the antique milk bottle she had treasured that Lilian Gish had used in the movie in the scene where she placed the white and red roses in the old bottle in the kitchen.. I could be more blessed , nor more connected with that remarkable film…I really am a very lucky boy!
    Well done you !, I thought you were an American actor!

    Very Sincerely

    Bryan Hewitt

  4. Mike Gajdos

    Good day Mr. Grimes. My name is Michael Gajdos, and I am from London, Ontario, Canada. Apparently; my grandmother Rose was your aunt, and my mother (Sheila) was your cousin. She has since passed away, and my aunt (her sister) Mary Patricia just died a couple of weeks ago.

    I am not sure why I am telling you all this, I just thought you might be interested to know that you have some (or some more) relatives over the Atlantic. I have one sister, Anne-Marie, who lives in Ontario, Canada as well.

    I had always known that my mother had a cousin who was an actor, but it wasn’t until I saw your character on Coronation Street a few times that I made the connection. I hope all is well with you, and I wish you the best for 2011.

    Cheers, Mike.

  5. Peter Ensor

    Hi Frank,

    A blast from the past. How are you? since I last saw you have lived in Zurich, Amsterdam, N.Africa, Costa Rica, Los Angelese now in London then moving to Dublin. Starting a 3D Movie Radical Grand Prix Production in Ireland location filming in at Ronda in Spain. Animated cartoon film called “Tamalino saves Christmas” I also publish Childrens Books
    Would very much like to be in touch again.
    Love to your family. Peter UK Cell: 0753 386 4933

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