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Frank Grimes Hello there.

 This web sight is full of my musings, ramblings and whimsings.  I originally had a category called GRIPES, but my son David made me drop it because he told me it must only have ‘positive’ stuff on it.  I am not sure I agree. To groan and grumble sometimes is good for you. Especially, I feel, when one gets older. As indeed I am. 75 this year.

Now that you have stumbled in I hope you will find something here that you will find insightful. . . How does Hamlet begin? “Stand and unfold thyself . . .” Great advise for acting,

I’m told that this brave new world of the web is a place where two-way, three-way, twenty-way communication is possible. If so, and if you are so inclined, I’d love to hear from readers of this site. The facility to respond to a particular post is easily found and should be easy enough to use.

Well then. Enough introducing. Jump in and enjoy.




Frank Grimes




35 thoughts on “Welcome to my site…

  1. Edward Grimes

    Hi Frank, I’ve enjoyed following your career, we first met on Strumpet City ‘78 I believe, I was a young extra, you were then a super star to me, you introduced yourself to me on set and asked did I know we are related (I’m Marcella Grimes grandson, Edward, I was the young waiter in the restaurant scene where the window was blown in, I ended up in every episode, haha, no small thanks to yourself and nanna Grimes, i am so happy to have found your website, and look forward to seeing your amazing acting skills soon please god, take good care, & godbless. E.P Grimes

  2. Emily

    One of my favorite movies is A Bridge Too Far and your performance in it stands out. I own the movie and often skip to your scenes. I recently saw you in Father Brown. At first I didn’t realize it was you, but you looked familiar so I looked you up. Your performance as well as those of others in A Bridge Too Far inspired me to read the book.
    Best wishes to you.

  3. Mike

    Hi Frank,

    I hope you’re keeping well and safe during these unusual times.

    I’ve recently been watching the Granada Television Studio adaptations of Sherlock Holmes featuring the late Mr Jeremy Brett (for me, the quintessential Sherlock Holmes.) My favourite story has always been Shoscombe Old Place – a perfect blend of mystery and adventure. I realise it’s going back a few decades, but I bet you still have fond memories of playing John Mason. Such a timeless, classic show.

    Stay safe,


  4. William Smith

    Your Bridge Too Far performance was superb!! You were so convincing that I truly felt for Major Fuller.
    Bill Smith

  5. simon m lewis

    Hi Frank,

    I am writing a book about A Bridge Too Far and would love to hear your memories of your small but memorisable performance up against Mr Bogarde and Mr Sim..
    Simon lewis

  6. Harry Rodden

    Hi Frank, I remember you from Mossie O’ Connors class in St Peters. In fact whenever I get back to Dublin from Sydney I catch up with Fred Bridgeman. He also was in our class. Sometime ago Fred gave me a copy of our class photo from 1959. Although living in Australia since 1972 I have seen some of your work and would like to congratulate you on your success. Although I left school at 15 and became an apprentice electrician I ended up with an MBA, became a CEO and a part time Uni lecturer. I often over the years that it would have been great on one of my trips back home to place the class photo in a Dublin newspaper and organise a school reunion. I guess that some of our class mates have hit the dirt but it would be interesting to know the various stories of those with whom we spent quite a few years in Mossie’ class. All the best Harry Rodden

  7. Bernard Cogan

    Good day Frank,

    I do hope you are well, Frank I simply wanted to reach out to you to say what a wonderful actor you are to thank you for the many wonderful roles you have played, thank you , Bernard (Dublin)

  8. Peter byrne

    Hi Frank,Iovely to talk to you in a sense sir,my fondest memory of you is still and allways will be your tragic role in a bridge too far,you need a rest laddie,it’s out of my hands etc,oh still as chilling now as when first seen,kindest regards peter

  9. joe lingane

    Your Strumpet City is freely available on YouTube -nice for tightwad codgers like myself but not too good for the producers etc.- still, that’s 2019 for you. So if anyone wants to see you as a youngster (and not the famous namesake character from The Simpsons) you are just a click away!

  10. Brian

    Hi Frank,
    Way back in 1976, in South Africa where I was then living, I saw the movie “A Bridge Too Far” which I thought was brilliant, with some fine performances from many famous actors. However, to my mind, the most striking – almost mesmerising – performance was from the (to me)”unknown” actor playing the role of the courageous, exhausted Major Fuller trying to convince Bogart to accept the evidence of his own eyes.
    Today, 43 years later and living in London, I watched the movie again on Prime Amazon, and again was struck by the superb performance of the actor playing Major Fuller. This time around I made a note of the name of the actor concerned as the credits rolled down at the end, and through google search engine found this site. Nearly half a century too late, please allow me to congratulate you on one of the best acting performances I have ever seen. I look forward to catching up on some of the other movies and television series in which you have appeared!

  11. admin


    Yes, that is me with the great John le Mesurier in THE INTERSECTION. So glad they are repeating it again. It is a nice piece.

    When I was a young lad in Dublin I use to cycle past Shaw’s birth place every day. I have acted in two of his plays, St Joan and You Never Can Tell.

    Thank you for leaving a comment.

    All good wishes,


  12. Shawdian

    Hello Frank Grimes

    Nice to have found your website.

    Did you play the part of Chris opposite John le Mesurier in the BBC radio 4 production of
    ‘The Intersection’ by Frank Fagan? First broadcast 1981
    It is doing a re run this month & I quite like the production.

    Just to say; I am a G Bernard Shaw specialist & was the Custodian of & lived at Shaw’s home Shaw’s Corner from
    1989-1997 & now own the G B Shaw Information Service.
    Writing my memoir of life with GBS. Did you ever visit
    no.3 now 33 Synge Street in Dublin where Bernard Shaw was born?

    Thank you & best wishes

  13. Elizabeth Deans

    Hi Frank

    When I was a very small child my granny used to go to mass with your mother and I remember being totally mesmerized that people on Stage and TV were real people.

    It was the mid 60’s and I think you were probably on the Abbey at the time, so next time we were in town we went by the Abbey and it was pointed out to me as The Place Where Mrs Grimes’ Son Was On The Stage- a potential name for your biography.

    Best wishes for your continued success.

    Kind Regards

    Liz Deans – Ex Annamoe Drive

  14. Raymond

    I am an author of a book called the The Airborne Club and I do a lot of book signing days with veterans from Arnhem and D-Day raising funds for the Veterans of Normandy and wonder if you would ever be interested in joining us all at a book and fund raising day in the future. Thank you. Raymond

  15. Pat gallagher

    Hi Frank, I’m Pat, I come from Stoneybatter originally. I read you went to Brunner. I went to Queener but had friends in Brunner. I have the box set of Strumpet City and the wife and I watched it recently, fab. I always enjoy when you pop into Corrie, hope to see you crop up again soon, Pat

  16. Elaine Barnes

    Hi Frank. .. Lily’s Barnes (Downey)daughter here just stopping by to say Hi. Last time I saw you,you appeared in “true grit” at the Birmingham Rep some years ago. Do come visit mum if you are ever in the Midlands. She would love to see you. Elaine Barnes

  17. Frank Post author

    Hello Tony,

    Great to hear from you. Went to Halons when I was over least Sept/Oct and it was closed, much to my regret. I’ll be going over for a niece’s wedding in Sept. You never know.
    All the best,

  18. Frank Post author

    Thanks Pat, regards to Pittsburg. A Bridge Too Far was amazing. Dicky did a great job.

  19. Pat Daschbach

    Greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    I don’t know which I like better…A Bridge Too Far or The Great Escape.
    I like the work you did; it must have been interesting to be involved in such a large project!

  20. Tony,O'Rourke

    Hi Frank ,you look great ,the last time we met was1967 do you remember the night we attended the Beetles concert at the Adelphie .kind regards,Tony.

  21. Tony,O'Rourke

    Hi Franf,Denis,O’Connor Birthday 30/01/2016 Party in Hanlons Lounge @2.30pm to5.30pm.Happy new year to you and yours.Kind regards Tony.O’Rourke.

  22. Frank Post author

    Greetings Dale,

    So glad you enjoyed DYKKET. I had a great time making it and loved Norway.

    I am filled with admiration for the work you do.

    I have no idea why it is not easy to find.

    Best wishes,


  23. Dale Harris

    I really like the movie you played in DYKKET. As a saturation bell diver I think the movie was done pretty accurately.

    I designed an umbilical shear to cut through the entire umbilical in case of fouling like what happened to your character.

    Why isn’t this an easy movie to find?

  24. Niall

    Hello Frank,

    Going back to the beginning here with ‘Borstal Boy’. Do you have any memories regarding early preparation or character insight for the young Behan? A young actor seeking advice.



  25. Frank O Neill

    Hi Frank
    Glad to see a fellow Cabra man still doing so well I’m a few years behind you but I lived on Annamoe Drive and
    went to Brunner,I am in Finance and Football Bohs Rovers Shels to name a few I have coached
    My wife was watching Corri and thought were brilliant and wanted to know we’re you appearing in Dublin or London in the near future
    I’m a Theatre man myself. I’m a sucker for GB Shaw and Oscar Wilde but I go to see Peter Sheridan productions regularly
    I’m reading Strumpet City again at the moment as my late Father -in-law was a great friend of Jimmy Kelly (Plunkett)
    You were Superb in that role. Have never in my life left anyone a message God Bless and the best of luck to you

  26. Tom Meehan

    Hi Frank,

    Saw you in the episode “Shoscombe Old Place” part of the series of “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”. I was very impressed by your performance. I’m not too familiar with your other work but will now look into some of your other work.
    Tom Meehan
    New York City, NY – U.S.A.

  27. Apollo Dukakis

    I did BLITHE SPIRIT with you back around 1981 at The Whole Theater in Montclair New Jersey. Stuart Howard directing and Lindsay Anderson filled in a few days when Howard took sick. Do you remember? I remember your devilish behavior onstage when you (successfully) attempted to break me up by making weird faces as you looked upstage! You naughty Brits! I just stumbled on your website and fondly remembered you. I live in Los Angeles and continue to do lots of theater here and around the country.
    Hope you are well and thriving!

    All the best,
    Apollo Dukakis

  28. Brian Mallon

    Hi Frank, I last saw you on May 12th, 1973 in Dublin. I’m wondering if you happen to recall it. You were in from London, I believe, visiting Maggie Sneyd at the Simon Community on the Quays. It was my 21st birthday, and the three of us took a very comical ramble through the Liberties. Maggie was in rare form. I wonder if you still know her? I watched ‘strumpet city’ again recently, and your performance as that rather callow young priest was so brilliantly nuanced -your acclamation was certainly well deserved. (I’m an actor myself) Anyway, it just set me to thinking about that long ago Dublin day…. Best regards-

  29. Peter


    Saw ‘…the he and the she of it.’ this evening and loved it. Glad I over heard you in the pub.



  30. Frank Post author

    Hello Tod,

    MY… my… I am only reading your comment now and how charming it is. Ah halcyon days

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Best wishes,


  31. Tod white

    Hi Frank
    I am Toddy from Sunnydale on Annamoe Road – the same little fellow who walked down to Brunner with you when we were under 10
    I was dragged off to live in Stockport before my 11th birthday but I have watched my childhood friend from affar as he appeared in films and of course in Corrie
    I went on to qualify as an accountant – retired a few years ago and now live on a farm above Rochdale
    Funny how the little fellows from Dublin can follow such different paths but then we have much different tallents
    As my memory of school days drift away I do remember our walks to school and calling for you at your house – they were happy uncomplicated days

  32. Anne

    your Major Fuller is such utter joy to witness and worry along with – just splendid / I am so grateful to have come across the film – one in which a host of truly marvelous actors give greater or lesser nuanced portraits of men in extremis yet none are more poignant, present or so very human than your Major

    my desert island disc would be a clip of you determined to convince Bogarde…alas

    thank you – you are the argument for film preservation

  33. Pat Doyle

    Hello Frank how are ya….I am a big fan of your and like yourself I too am a Dubliner. I came over to the UK when i was only a boy, but like most dubliners i have a sift spot for the “old sod“…keep up the good work, you are an amazing actor..and i love the sound of your rich Dublin brogue….take care….. Pat Doyle

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