One of my favourite radio shows. A good game to pick your most loved pieces of music. My first choice is because of James Joyce. This song resonates throughout Ulysses. It must be the best love song ever written – LOVES OLD SWEET SONG

My second choice would be because of my father. I can remember him singing this song when I was young. I would like John MacCormack singing THE CROPPY BOY

Got to have at least one Beatles song and this in my opinion is their greatest John Lennon’s STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER.

Bob Dylan has to be on that desert island. His voice haunted my youth and still today he is remarkable in his output. LIKE A ROLLING STONE.

My next choice is BRANDENBERG CONCERTON NO 6, Bach. Lindsay Andersay used this for a play we did at The Royal Court -Life Class. So it is in memory of a dear friend.

Mozart is the best for me to listen to to calm down. I would want THE HORN CONCERTO.

Mahler I love for the dramatic effect. I adore his 2ND SYMPHONY.

Whenever I am feeling a bit poorly then I turn to Chopin and his NOCTURNS.

I am an actor so for the sence of pathos and romance it has to be Beethoven’s 3RD SYMPHONY.

And lastly I have always been a big fan of Randy Newman. I like his humour so MY LIFE IS GOOD is the one I choose from him.

Luxury item – a guitar

Book – Finnegans Wake. For the challenge. It is the maddest book ever written! 17 years Joyce was writing this book.You could spend a year on any page of it!!!


  1. Tilly Grimes

    what no jazz!? No sinatra? Judy? Lenon? although i do most approve of chopin and mahler and loves old sweet song! [very fun to read, thank you..wouldn’t it be great to have the songs to listen to?! ]

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