Heros of mine


James Joyce. I feel fortunate to come from Dublin because of the access to him.


J Krishnamurti

Shook hands with this man twice. The second time, at The Felt Forum, Madison Sq. Garden in New York he spoke to me. “I don’t know why you want to shake my hand?” he said. I replied, “It is out of respect, sir.” He shrugged his shoulders and moved along the crowd at the stage door.


Ramana Mahrishi. Only discovered him through Dr Paul Brunton.


I saw The Beatles at the Adelphi Cinema, Dublin, 7 Nov 1963 and I ‘bunked in’ with a mate of mine. John Lennon, at one point, said to the screaming girls, “Shut the FUCK up!” I was astounded and a life long fan ever since. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE will  ring through forever.


Spencer Tracy, great actor, learnt a lot of tips watching him.


Charles Winninger, another great actor, makes me laugh, brilliant talent.


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